Frequently Asked Questions1. Can I afford your services?
Yes, you certainly can. We are contingency lawyers. That means you will never  pay any legal fees unless we win and obtain a recovery for you. We will invest our money, talent and time to obtain a recovery for you. If we succeed we are paid a percentage of the settlement or recovery and are reimbursed for our out of pocket expenses. We have never lost a case for lack of resources or lack of time.  We bring together our experienced RSD Team to represent you. Yes, you can certainly afford our services.

2. How have you obtained so many favorable settlements?
Our success is based on one thing: strength, strength, strength; never give up, never give in. By hiring us, you do not hire the underdog. We have handled numerous RSD cases all over California.  We will always be prepared. We use the best RSD experts.  We have decades of experience. All the defendants soon find out who we are.  Our settlements are due to our strength.

3. Will I go to court?
Nearly all of our cases settle out of court before a trial begins. Cases often settle at or before a mediation. Either way, we will be with you the entire time – you will never be alone. We will be with you every step of the way. We want you to place your trust in us by reviewing our website, talking to us, and viewing our RSD results. We promise you that your case will be very important to us and will fight hard for you to obtain the best results possible.

4. What if I am referred to you by another law firm or lawyer?
Would you work with another law firm for me? The answer is yes. Either way, you will never pay a higher contingency fee if you are referred to us from another lawyer or if ewe are working with another law firm on your claim. You will pay the same contingency fee no matter what. It does not matter whether you were referred to us from another lawyer or we work on your case with another law firm. The lawyers or law firms share the contingency fee but our clients are never charged more for two law firms working on their case.

5. If we do go to trial will I have to take the witness stand?
Do not worry. If the case goes to trial, we will do what is right and so will the judge. You will never abused by any lawyer or be intimidated. You have our promise.

If you believe you may be suffering from RSD or CRPS as the result of an injury, we urge you to immediately call us so we could advise you of your legal rights, or, submit our Free RSD Case Evaluation…